Ditch the Orthotics? Are You Kidding Me?

I just read this article on postetech.com

They are suggesting that I gradually ditch the orthotics and start running with out them!

To be honest, I always wondered how I could successfully do the Pose Method if I was still wearing those clunky shoes that kept my feet from pronating, but can it be that I can run and not suffer from the effects of over pronation?

My foot is still throbbing away as I type. The plantar faciitis pain comes and goes. I had no pain at all yesterday and this morning, but as soon as I took a few bites of the MSG laden fare that is served up here in the cafeteria, my foot started to throb. It’s still throbbing even now.

I’ve gotta find someone who can do some Tuina or something on this foot, so I can get back out there and starting running again. I’m winded just going up a flight of stairs. When I was on week four, I could do three flight of stairs and not be out of breath.

That’s a big deal for a big girl.

Then there is also this article. I’m not exactly clear on everything he is saying, but I gotta tell ‘ya, there has been some psychosocial damage with this injury. I was really starting to see the fruit of my efforts and now, back to square one. It really is frustrating. Did you listen to that interview on Alex Jones, when  Charlie Sheen was shouting, “Winning!” Well, I felt like I was, “Winning!” even though I was doing a 25 minute mile, who cares? That’s a lot better than nothing, which is what I had done all year when I lived in Shandong.

When I scrolled down I ran across this advice from Dr. Romanov in response to querry about Plantar Faciitis:

…you need to understand that the main thing is to return to the norm your muscles/tendons relations in the foot. This means that they have to act as one unit, as opposed to the situation in which you got your problem. Your primary focus, in order to do it, would be to not use your foot as a propulsive mechanism. In other words do not push your body forward with you foot, just hold the weight of the body. Your foot is just the support for the weight of your body and should act accordingly to it in resonance of the body falling down in each step, jump etc.

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