Almost Ran a Mile Without Any Walk Breaks

It’s the second official day of the Chinese National holiday. The campus is kind of empty, so I was able to get out on the track without the gawk squad in the evening. Normally, it is normally over run with the Chinese division students until 10 or 11 PM. I started out doing the Christan C to 5K, week 2, but made up my mind to run as long as I could without a walk break. I believe I made it around the track three and a half times without a walk break. That wasn’t counting the time I slowed down to adjust my mp3 player.

Had a few twinges of pain on the sole of the left foot, but fortunately that failed to become an issue. Focused on foot landing, trying to land on the forefoot. The right foot isn’t really up to maintaining that at present. I did work on some ankle strengthening exercises this morning with the big rubberband. Consistancy with that will pay off in the long run. Around lap 2 and a half, I started weaving in and out of my lane…really gotta work on strengthening my core and pretty much everything else. Resolving to do Pilates 100 every morning before getting out of bed.

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