This is how it felt around lap 5.

No, it wasn’t muddy on the track today. It just felt like I was slogging ¬†through mud around lap 5.

I woke up at 5:40 AM and went back to seep until the alarm went off, around 6:00AM. It was a groggy start. It took me about 15 minutes to get my act together and get out the door. I downloaded or rather recorded the Freeway to 10 K, Week 1 Podrunner podcast. Yea, I was feeling ambitious. At first, I thought I couldn’t do it, but thanks to muscle memory I did. I probably ran about 7 times around the track. Around lap 5 I started it weave. I was straddling the line and trying to focus on form, but eventually, my muscles started to fatigue and at that point I probably would have flunked the sobriety test. Anyway, by the time I wrapped it up and got back to the apartment, the podcast was over. That’s about 40 minutes. Thirty minutes of running and 10 minutes of walking. Yea, un-huh. That’s what I said, 30 minutes of running. Now I really shouldn’t be so pumped about it because I run really, really, slow. It’s a joke really, but hey, that’s the best I can do with out huffing and puffing until I fall down.

I think I’ve been selling myself short all this time. I’m going for the 10K. Fortunately, there is no need for speed. I figure once I get the stamina and endurance thing down, then I can focus on the speed work.

BTW ~ It’s still awfully smoggy/foggy here in Chengdu and still sweltering hot. Thankfully, it’s not as hot as Nanjing in the summer. Now that’s hot, oooffffff, baby, I mean really hot and humid too.

This time I remembered to stretch out before I sat down to write this blog. Now I feel kind of nauseous. I wonder, what’s up with that?

Running Through Mud

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