Mr. Squirrel Approved Videos of Billy Smith and the BSB

It’s time for a special Mr. Squirrel tribute to Billy Smith, the most talented blues musician of our generation.

It’s time for a special Mr. Squirrel tribute to Billy Smith and the BSB.

A special Mr. Squirrel salute and flick of the tail goes out to Billy Smith and the BSB.

Missing you Billy…

While you’re at it,  check out this old school video of Billy too…classic Billy stuff.

Today it came to about 6 times around the track today at a very slow pace. Probably about 1.7 miles total including the walk back to the apartment. I find it hard to believe that I could be any slower than yesterday, but there you have it. Apparently, yes I can. Now, I really should quit harping on my lack of speed. Let’s put this in perspective, shall we?

Let’s see, I had to take last year off due to a nasty ‘ol plantar faciitis injury and the year before that when I was in Shandong, I injured my knee and by the time I recovered it was too cold to run and then when the weather broke in the spring, Fukashima was raging across the Bohia/Yellow sea.

Hmmmmm…I guess that kind of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

All the experts say that I should rest or cross train on alternate days, but I just couldn’t stand the thought of sitting on my duff another day without getting out there this morning. I’ve already trained myself to wake up around 5-6 AM, so now I really have no excuse. Worst case scenario – if I don’t feel up to running then I can always walk a few laps around the track and call it a  day. With the understanding that I can always come back the next day.

So in reality, I guess it really is time to celebrate and get funky with Mr. Squirrel’s toe tapping harmonica blues.

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