On the Run...

This girl is running, gluten free…

Yesterday I did four times around the track – a half hour total.  I was too exhausted to go any further. It had been a rough night, the night before. I hardly had any sleep. In fact, I had woken up before the crack of dawn and was out on the track before the sun came up.

Today  was different. I woke up a little before the alarm and my knee was felt uncomfortable, probably because It was tilted up at an angle. I said to myself, “Well, just forget it, your knee is bugging you.” Then I moved my leg and the pain went away, so I laid there and thought to myself, about some quote I read about how you only regret the times you didn’t go run. So, I got out of bed and got out the door by 6:10. When I got to the track, the sun had already risen and there was a cute Chinese couple with their dog on the track. The husband had taken off his shoes and was walking backwards, barefoot on the track. The wife joined him a few minutes later and was walking backwards in white wedge heels that had a big white bow on the toe box.  Nice couple, but their dog was a little skittish and ran in the opposite direct when I gave him some attention. It was pleasant to see someone else out on the track. I always think to  myself, “Well, what happens if I fall down and break my leg or something?” And, then I always think, “Well, when the sun rises, someone is bound to find me, right?”

Then around 10:30 or so, I met up with my friend and we went to Computer City up on the first ring road. I bought myself a birthday present, a new IPod touch. After that, we walked to Peter’s Tex Mex on Kuala Bei Lu and then to Sabrina’s. On the way back, we walked past the Lido towers and then went to the mall on the corner of the second ring road. I wanted to look at the long gloves. I was thinking about getting a wool cape made and thought the long gloves would look very classy. Then all I would need would to get one of those long black cigarette holders like Audrey Hepurn had in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to complete the look. Anyway, the gloves they had  just weren’t suitable. I guess I will have to have them made  then. (sigh)

On the Run…

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