One Mile Maybe

Download the free Podrunner app, but choose
wisely what you listen to.

I’m so fatigued today. I hardly got any sleep last night. It really affected my stride.

3 times around the track + the walk to and from = 1 mile.

The good thing I learned about today’s less than stellar performance, is that I tighten my left knee, subconsciously. This occurs while whether I’m sitting, walking or running. When I’m running I notice that my left knee doesn’t want to bend. It likes to stay straight and stiff. That will never do, so now, in addition to the other proper running form techniques I have to be conscious of, I have to be aware of this knee issue too.

Also, I noticed that now my hamstrings have been feeing a little crampy. That is something I don’t recall ever having an issue with. I think I need to get someone film me while I’m running so that I can analyze my giant.

In a slightly different note, I listend to Podrunner’s  The Electric Stride. It was OK. I only got halfway through it, but I did notice that there was a jazzy, blues disco funk theme going on. I’m downloading more  mixes right now, so I’ll make mention of my thoughts on each new Podrunner mix I listen to.

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