Crimson Nail Polish and Bus 36

When it was almost time to get up and get ready for a run, I turned off the alarm, hoping that I could make up a few hours of sleep, but it was not to be. It was such a disappointment because It rained last night and cleaned up the air quite a bit too.

I gotta be honest, I’m suffering from empty nest syndrome big time. I have spent the last 20 years totally devoted to raising my son into a man and, well, now he is one. What’s made matters worse is that he moved back home to the States and the luxury of hanging out with him has vanished. It’s tough. I really enjoyed spending time with him and talking. We used to walk around Chengdu. We would talk and walk and walk and talk. It was nice. I miss that. I miss my son.

Fortunately, my boss has gone through the same thing, times 3. She has raised 3 boys into successful men and she knows what I’m going through. At the close of last school year I bungled something up and she looked at me and was like, “What did you that for?”  and then after taking one look at me, was like, “Your baby is going home.” That was when it hit me and i just sat in her office blubbering like an idiot.

Since then, he has gone back home to FL and everything is good there. No drama, no surprises, but now I have to learn how to be selfish. I mean like sending time and money on myself. Yea, I don’t like to spend money on myself and my boss points it out to me every opportunity she gets.

In order to “celebrate” being an empty nester, I let myself be treated to a getting my nails done. I was totally amazed at all the fingernail art that these ladies can do, but in the end, I just got a simple iridescent crimson that frankly looks lovely.

Here, the tech is putting the “crystal nails” on my fingers with some sort of super glue adhesive. Notice how her thumb is painted to look like a strawberry. Super cute, right?

I love this shade of red.

I didn’t sleep well last night. It certainly wasn’t from lack of exhaustion either. Boy, was I tired. We went up to the North Market to hunt for some fur for my new winter cape ensemble. After that task was accomplished, we got some bad advice and took bus 36  to the northern ‘burbs. We went all the way past Happy Valley. Happy Valley, already! Now that’s far. Anyway, the driver was really nice and she took pity on us and we finally got back to the North Railway Station, but it took about and hour and a half to do so.  Oh well, at least the ride was air conditioned and not over crowded.

Here is the nice bus driver that escorted us to another bus 36 and then she told that driver where to drop us off.

After that, we went up to the second ring road so she could try on some “fashion hair.” She didn’t find anything suitable, but it took about an hour of trying on about 10 or more different wigs.

Then we went to Bread Talk. Deb wanted me to pick her up some stuff. Fortunately, going in bakeries isn’t tempting for me (that’s a gift from God.) When we came out of Bread Talk, it was raining cats and dogs, so we sat down and got our nails done. Since I’m a total germaphobe about letting anyone use nail files and other finger nail tools on me, I only let them stick some “crystal nails” on me (read – fake nails).

Back story: When I went to go sit for the national acupuncture boards, I had to sit through a clean needle lecture. During the lecture, the speaker talked about ladies getting their nails done at nail salons and how the tissue that is left behind on the used files gets deposited on your nails and when they push your cuticles back, all that residual tissue from countless other ladies of dubious origin gets introduced into your blood stream and all that foreign tissue can reduce your life span on top of it. Well, that did it for me. I decided right then and there, that I would forgo the luxury of getting my nails done, forever. I resolved to do them myself. Now times have changed and apparently I’m not the only nut job out there, so you can actually buy a “box” at  a solon. In the box they will keep all your own personal nail files and such. Essentially, you rent out the box and buy the products from them. I’m thinking maybe I should try that. My boss wants to go to Huayang to get her nails done there, but I’m hoping I can talk her into going into Tongzalin and going to one of the places where you can rent a box.

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