It’s Raining and the Pollution in the Air is Being Cleared Out

To me, this model looks healthy, but I found this picture in the “rubenesque” section of Google images. What’s wrong with people?

In bed by 8:00 PM, but I got several phone calls on Skype that woke me up.

I’m trying to connect with my friends in Bangladesh. One of them is a Christian counselor. I need someone to talk to about this empty net thing. I remember hearing about it being joked about on sitcoms when I lived back home, but it’s a real thing and I need  a professional to talk me through it. At least until I can get a handle on it. That hasn’t happened yet, but it really didn’t kick in full force until I got back from Nanjing. In my head, I knew it was going to happen that way, but you know, when those emotions kick in, it’s quite a different matter…

The alarm just went off. It’s time to get up and run, but it’s raining! Boooo-hoooo-hoooo. I spent 9 hours in bed last night. My spine feels stiff. I haven’t had anything with MSG in it, so I’m assuming that I did sleep in the same position for a significant amount of time, otherwise my spine wouldn’t be so tight. Besides that, if it was that insidious MSG spinal pain, it usually has a different feel to it and it doesn’t immediately go away once I wake up and move around a bit.

Update: around 6:20 AM the rain dialed down to a sight drizzle, but alas, it was not to be. By the time I got dressed for the run,  I heard the familiar tap-tap-tap of the raindrops agin. It had started up again. If it were just a drizzle, I’d brave the elements, but I don’t want to get drenched.

Around 8:00 PM, I decided to do another round of Diva Derrière – boot camp style. Then did some spine stretches, rolled out the spine and quads on the Pilates roller. Still working on the saddlebags. Still very painful, still break out into sweat when I stretch it or more like just kind of lean on it, but I’m able to put more pressure on it then I could when Kiki first introduced the stretch to me. Lots of toxins stored there. The right side is worse than the left. My hope is that that shocky jerking motion that has been waking me up and destroying my sleep cycle will calm down.

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