It’s Getting Easier…

When you do Diva Derrière, make sure that you keep your hand on your hip and push it forward. That really makes BIG difference. You’ll really feel the burn and see the results if you do this move properly.

Running is getting easier…

Two days ago I ran a mile consecutively, four times around the track. This morning, I ran about 4 and a half times around the track. I noticed around lap three, my pep and form really started to lag, so I just leaned a bit forward and lifted my knees. That did the trick. Also, I bought a knee support from Decathalon yesterday. When I bought it, I thought that it would be nice to have on hand, you know, just in case. Then I decided to slip it on just prior to the run. Initially, during the warm up phase, I thought to myself, “This is going to prevent me from lifting my knee.”   The truth is, that maybe it did, a little bit, but the benefit it gave me was enough to keep me on the track without my left knee complaining at me. Also, I needed to remind myself, that it wasn’t too long ago that I injured the ligaments in that knee. I’m  thinking, I may want to go back and pick up another one for my right knee next week.

Yesterday, I skipped the run because I had some Kaluha on the rocks the night before. Suffice to say, it tore up my stomach and caused my ankles to swell up, in fact, my left leg is still bit swollen. That’s why I cancelled my run, however, I did manage to do Basic Work Out Plus, Awesome Legs and Diva Derrière yesterday.

Sometime later on today, I’ll do AL and DD. I’m thinking about adding pretzel twist too.

Update: Went to the Bamboo massage place and got  90 minute massage with hot rocks and gua-sha. My back is really red in spots, plus I can’t take a shower until 11:00 PM and my left side is bad shape. Lots of weakness and pain. I walked around a bit after the massage and it irritated my left knee, no running for me tomorrow.

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