I’m a boring person…

Boring is my home town.

Have you read my blog?

Boring…boring…boring…and I wouldn’t have it another way. I’m not a drama queen and I don’t like to hang out with them either. My friends that have children are pretty decent parents. I’m not a slut and while some of my friends may go ga-ga over guys in pony tails, I prefer robust older balding gentlemen. I like to get my nails done (that’s a new thing), I like to get massages and I like to run and do T-Tapp. Like a I said, boring!

It was raining this morning, so I nixed the run I had planned. Hopefully tomorrow morning will be dry enough to do a short run. I don’t want to aggravate my knee, especially after it feels like it has totally recovered and rather quickly at that. The good news is that we got plenty of that fine drizzle that really cleaned up the air. What a blessing.

Tomorrow night is the annual CISA mixer, where all the hungry male and female expats go looking for fresh meat. I’m so glad that I’m past the age of caring. Now that I think about it, that’s a blessing too! 😉

Speaking of fine drizzles, I went out on the track at 6 AM this morning. I felt a little fatigued from that nasty bout of insomnia, so I didn’t push myself. I did a run walk combo and I didn’t really keep track of the run to walk ratio. However, I do remember running once around the tack then walking once around the tack and then running around the tack again one more time (almost.) Then I just lost count of what I was doing and just went with it. The final run around the track, I felt my quads fatigue, so I walked. That was followed by a few twinges of pain. I was moving about 40 minutes total.

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