Does your neck waddle to and fro?

While a turkey waddle is natural for this little guy, it’s not so cute on me.

Oh, does your neck waddle to and fro?

Well, if you’re past the age of fifty, chances are it does. I’ve been following Carol Maggio for years and while I’ve seen some benefits from doing the exercises, I just haven’t been satisfied with the results, but Cynthia Rowland’s neck waddle exercise really feels like it will do the trick. The exercises are very subtle moves, but I can really feel the burn.

Years ago, I remember trying Facercise’s neck exercises and it triggered an episode of headaches. This was following a car accident involving whiplash and the exacerbation of an old disc herniation injury.  I feel that Cynthia Rowland’s neck exercises are a lot less stressful on the cervical vertebrae. Also, I found this variation of the same exercise put out by Faceworks.

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