A Broken Clock, a Broken Heart?

Good-by little alarm clock.You served me well. You stuck with me through through thick and thin. You were faithful and never complained. You will be missed.

My little alarm clock broke. I bought it at Walmart for $3.00 when D was just a baby. In fact, I think I was still living with Patrick at the time. Man, that’s a loooong time ago. Dark times. Glad that chapter in my life is over.

Now, I’ve got to find a digital clock with English instructions. I may have to just cough up the cash and buy one at the Galleria Mall for 400 kwai. Ugh! I hate spending that much money on a clock, but I guess it’s OK, since I had this one for 18 years.

Last night out of the blue, my knee decided it didn’t like bending. That was totally unexpected. It happened before when I was in Nanjing.  When I woke up the next morning, it was fine. Same thing happened this morning. I wonder what triggered it?  As a result, I didn’t exercise this morning, well  that combined with the fact that I woke up 45 minutes late.


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