Wo Ai Ni

Wo ai ni means “I love you” in Chinese.

I’ve pretty much been eating a low fat vegan diet these days, but today I wanted something different, so I went down to 7-11, but it was closed. Two PSB officers were guarding it. Plus, every other 7-11 I passed today was closed as well. It has something to do with the anniversary of the Japanese invasion of China. It happened 81 years ago. Besides that, there have been protests all over China regarding the Japanese selling off an island that the Chinese have an¬†ancestral claim to. Apparently, there were protests in Tianfu Square last Sunday.

Back to my story. Since 7-11 was closed, I decided to go to KFC, but their menu is rather limited for me. Even if I wanted some chicken, I’d have to deal with the wheat coating and I just didn’t feel like doing that, so I got the next best thing, a strawberry sundae. It had been months since I had one and it tasted good.

After my massage, I really felt like a 9 layer dip from Peter’s Tex Mex. At Peter’s, I saw Mia. She’s the manager there now. She’s so sweet. She gave me a big hug and sympathized with me when I told her that my son was back home in Florida for good. Anyway, the 9 layer dip was pretty decent, but it tore up my stomach. I didn’t want to take my chances on the 504, so I flagged down the nearest taxi on Tainfu Da Dao.

The driver that picked me up was a nice man. He understood me when I told him where to take me and I was so happy that he understood my crappy Chinese accent, that I told him,”Wo ai ni!” and patted him on the shoulder. He really got a kick out of that. Then I gave him my last box of coconut milk. I like bald men.

He tried to engage me in conversation, but I had to keep telling him ,”Ting bu dong.” I rode the rest of the way in silence, regretting the fact that my Chinese was so lousy.

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