It’s Called Zhu Guan…

This technique is called, “fire cupping.” It is what I was trained to do in TCM school. I used it in my  in practice back in Florida very infrequently. Eventually, I just left the cups over at my best friend’s house and treated her on a regular basis because she suffers from asthma.

The name of the procedure Chun Mei has been using on me  is called zhu guan. Unfortunately, I can’t find much about it online, just some vague references to bamboo cupping and bloodletting.

Wet cupping

In this alternative form of bloodletting, also called blood cupping, a small scratch or incision is made with a lancet prior to the cupping, and the pressure difference extracts blood from the skin… uses this technique – called in ”hijamah” or ”hijama” – with a number of hadith supporting its recommendation and use by Muhammad.

The ”hijama” method cautions against over cupping, cupping in the lying down position and sleeping or resting following any cupping procedure, claiming that the one real danger of cupping is the potential risk of blood clotting following a procedure. Patients should take a brisk thirty minute walk following any cupping treatment. When properly performed, using tiny incisions and not leaving the cups on longer than necessary, cupping leaves no marks or scarring.

While the history of wet cupping may date back thousands of years, the first documented uses are found in the teachings of Muhammad. According to Imams ,  Muhammad approved of the Hijama treatment. This treatment was usually recommended for headache or leg aches. Muhammad himself underwent Hijama for his lumbar pains.

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I couldn’t bear to go back and get it done again yesterday, as I was still exhausted from lack of quality sleep the night before. This morning it is proving to be another wet one,  so unless it quits raining by this afternoon, tonight is out too.

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