Zucchine Ribbons and Kalamata Tapenade

For lunch today, I used my carrot peeler to make zucchini ribbons and then topped it off with a teaspoon of Kalamata olive tapenade.

I found this in the Ole at The Mix C mall.

So, I was checking out Gluten Free Girl’s blog the other day and I watched a video on all the different things you can do with a gold bar squash and I got to thinking…I used to own one of those Spirooli things, but it didn’t make the cut when I was packing and was subsequently left behind in Florida. Anyway, I figured I could still make ribbons out to that zucchini I had in the fridge. So, I did (as you can see from the image above). Then I had to figure out what I’d put on it and voia! That little jar of Kalamata tapenade was the ticket.

After I took the pretty little photograph above, I hurriedly put some fresh ground black pepper on it and threw it in one of those counterfeit Lock-n-Lock containers and stowed it in the fridge until it was time to go. At the last minute, I decided to throw in another teaspoon of tapenade for good measure. By the time lunch rolled around, the zucchini ribbons had wilted and the tapenade didn’t look too appetizing, but no matter. I was up to the challenge besides, nothing could be worse than the great Trader Joe pesto debacle of  2002.

The Final Verdict:  I should have just stuck to one teaspoon of tapenade and relied on a few less twists of the black pepper grinder for starts.  It was all a little bit too much, so I bought some rice and that took the edge off of it. I need to remember that my stomach is sensitive. Ummm…sometimes I forget that. In the end, it was all good and now I’m ready to try it on some other unsuspecting vegetable next week.

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