The Big Dong Bei in the Tibetan Quarter

I’m like, “What?”

This is what we were served. I thought we ordered beef and green peppers. We got peppers all right, lots of spicy Sichuan peppers!  It must be a local favorite because who else would be able to tolerate all that spicy, mc spiciness?

Little tiny pillows of delicately stir fired fluffy tofu swimming in sweet and sour sauce.

Chicken and corn. The old stand by.

After a tough day of shopping at the North Market for fabric, a trip to the Tibetan Quarter for a meal of Dong Bei favorites is in order.  After the meal, I went to the Monk store and bought some more young green alfalfa for my morning smoothies. I did stop and buy some veggies at one of the little stands below the restaurant. While there, I tripped over a crate of spinach. I was contemplating buying some to throw in my smoothies, when I saw a cockroach crawling on the crate. When I got home, I stowed the veggies in the fridge and now I’m thinking about pitching them. I’m such a princess.

Almost every time I go to the North Market I always see the same homeless man. This time, I was in one of those tuna cans on wheels when I noticed that he had no shoes on his right foot. I thought “he” was a “she” initially, but on closer inspection, I noticed that “he” was eating noodles out of the trash can. He was doing the same thing the last time I saw him on the same street a few weeks ago. My first reaction was to wretch and I almost did again this time, but I calmed myself down. My stomach is still queazy thinking about it.

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