The gloves came off too soon.

I need to wear my kitchen gloves more often. My beautiful gel fingernail polish is chipping off way too soon.

The last time I didn’t use any rubber gloves with this cleaning product, the skin peeled off my hands. That was when I first moved in into this place and was on a cleaning frenzy. I should have remembered that and kept the gloves on until the end. I thought it would be OK, since I was just going to clean the bathroom sink. NOT! Big mistake. My fingers are already feeling the effects of the chemicals.

I have two separate pair of cleaning gloves. One pair for kitchen work and one pair for bathroom work. Mixing the two up would be a disaster. Ugh. I don’t even want to think about that.

BTW ~ I hate doing house work, but I think I’ve figured out a secret to motivate myself. I’m not ready to reveal it just yet. It’s still in the trial and error phase.

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