Wide Awake, but Still Tired

My feet feel like blocks of ice, but they still feel warm to the touch.

I woke up at 4:00 AM this morning. Wide awake. My feet felt like ice. Since I couldn’t go back to sleep, I did some simple exercises. That warmed my feet and legs up to the point where my legs felt like there were little bugs traveling up and down them underneath the skin.

I gave up and got out of bed. Still tired. Wondering if I’m going to make it to get the full treatment tonight after work.  I haven’t had a treatment since Friday. It’s been two days.  Even though my quality of sleep isn’t back to what it used to be, I’ve still seen enough improvement that I can look myself in the mirror and not see those sleep deprived “bat shit crazy” eyes staring back at me.

I would go for a run, but my knees are still not quite up to it. The muscle insertions need to be strengthened. I’ll probably have to hire a professional to show me the proper way to get that accomplished.  I’m procrastinating on that issue, as I feel like focusing on one thing consistently at a time is probably the best way to meet my long term objective, which is to get a restful nights sleep on a consistent basis.

Edit: I think I can do this. I came home on my break listened to some awesome Bossa Nova tracks and made some fresh, fresh salsa for my stale, stale corn chips and I’m go to go.


I had so much energy today. It wasn’t that crazy jittery energy from caffeine or that sugar rush feeling either. Maybe the new greens are fresh and full of live enzyme? That would account for all the energy today.

It’s 9 PM and I’m back home from the “clinic.” Words cannot express how sensitive my left leg feels. Oddly enough it was the right side that was twitching all over the place. The good doctor and Chun Mei warned me not to let my legs get cold. In fact, they told me to soak my feet in hot water with old ginger. The ginger should be about an inch long, sliced up.

While I was receiving the treatment, the window was open and it must have started raining because all of a sudden, I felt like the room turned damp and cold. I didn’t feel that way earlier. After I got out of the clinic, I noticed that the streets were slick from the rain. It’s the first chill I’ve had in quite a while. Fall must have arrived in Chengdu.

My feet feel frozen now…

Update: What seemed like a rough night somehow turned itself around. I woke up with my legs and feet feeling like ice around  2 AM. “Oh, no” I thought,”not again.” but it was not to be so. Within minutes I fell back asleep and got some lovely REM sleep. I woke up feeling sane and refreshed. However, I’m taking Chun Mei’s warning about letting my legs get cold seriously now. We have a staff meeting tonight. I’ll have wait to get the “old ginger” until Thursday.





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