Here’s Hoping…

I’m hoping for nothing but the best for my Aussie friend and his Chinese wife.

I probably ran about 3 quarters of a mile the day before yesterday and about the same this morning. I thought today was going to be a washout, but I went back to sleep and when I got aback up it had quit raining.

I bought a new pair of Asics 2170 on Saturday. My shoes wear out every other month. I can always tell because my knees complain. I must have let it go far too long because it took a few hours for my lower extremities to adjust to to the pronation support of the new shoes.

Unfortunately, I have to wear men’s shoes here in China. They actually have my size in women’s at Decathlon, but they are made for Chinese feet and the toe box is too small.

The campus is all but deserted now, so I was able to run without the gawk squad, however, I did see my Aussie colleague come home from a beer run at 10:00 AM.

His wife is pregnant. I think he’s really stressed, as last year he broke up with her, swearing never to reunite. Then a few months later they were back together again, which isn’t really surprising, but now she’s pregnant. They got married in a hurry.

I spoke to him briefly at Friday night’s BBQ. He seemed kind of  sullen. I assured him that it was OK not to be excited about the baby, because men can’t relate to babies until they are old enough to pick up a ball and throw it. I told him that was only natural. I think it was little solace…I’m hoping his mood will improve once the little tyke arrives.

I remember feeling trapped and miserable when I was pregnant with D. Fortunately, I had Cranial Sacral Therapy thorough out the pregnancy and D was a full term baby, quite health actually, but the stress was palatable. I sure hope things are better for my Aussie friend and his wife.




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